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Chasing the Skies

Chasing the Skies

Ibrahim Deniz Taskin
May 15, 2017
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Photography of beautiful skies, roads, clouds and sunsets. And of course, the point is, you're having a good time doing all that. If you have a good time, you feel good and you get good pictures if you feel good. That's the basic detail I want to reflect on this project.

The idea emerged completely improvised. I took a few photos of the sky in a daytime trip, and it started to rain later in the evening. It was exactly the sunset after the rain, and colors appeared in beautiful pastel shades.

I shot the photos with a Canon EOS 1200D camera. I took low shutter and ISO in the day when I shot in the day, and I used the exact opposite in the evening. I finished editing photos using Adobe Photoshop CS6. Hue/Situration, Curves, Brightness/Contrast, Selective Color, Levels; These were the settings I made.

The people who saw the project got very positive and it pleased me. I want people to feel what I feel when I take pictures, I guess I'm achieved it in this project too. Especially if you are photographing sunsets, you need to reflect the light, colors and ambiance well. And you should always wait for the right moment to take a picture.

Go outside and look at the sky. Go outside and find your memories from the clouds, blend them in the colors of the evening. The city can always bring out beautiful perspectives and beautiful reflections. Every afternoon is a journey, good vibes are always be with you.

Ibrahim Deniz Taskin

Music / Video / Photography

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