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Chicago City Vibes

Chicago City Vibes

Adam Zainea
May 8, 2018
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A quick 3-day trip spent in the busy Chicago produced some simple photos with tons of character and stories within themselves. All photos were taken in the heart of Chicago with the sole purpose of exploiting the city through my eyes. The photos I took resemble my preference of style and photography.

I take photos all the time, this occasion wasn't necessarily special but the photos just turned out to be some of my favorite ever. The specific style is always "darker" and "moodier" as those photos speak to me the most.

I used Adobe Lightroom CC to edit all my photos as it provides me a wide range of variety in terms of options in editing. I tend to emphasize darker colors and tones when I'm editing, it's something I've always practiced.

Normally I just take photos for the pure joy of taking photos, but I do post them on social media platforms regularly and they received positive feedback! What I learned from this project is that city photography is a lot more fun than landscape.

Adam Zainea

Fashion Merchandising and Design Junior at Central Michigan University with passions in photography and fashion.

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