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China Gate Restaurant Branding

China Gate Restaurant Branding

Michel Azar
June 18, 2016
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During my presence in Wondereight, we were asked to do create a new identity for a regional new Chinese food franchise. The challenge was to design a new, modern, sexy & young brand that will attract Saudi teenagers, families & expats living in Saudi Arabia. Through market research & case studies we came up with the following designs.

As mentioned earlier, it was a very challenging brief as there are lots of restaurant brands & franchises within the Saudi market.
However, looking into the chinese culture, colors & theme we decided to blend in the Zen & minimalism in our designs.

On a side note, we emphasized also on the typeface as it is nowadays an essential element in brand creation.
Patterns, colors, themes & figures were created from the logo.

Sketching is the most important step after research.
Always bear in mind sketching and doodling before going to execution.
When executing, we used Adobe softwares such as Illustrator & Photoshop.
The focus was more on Illustrator as the whole brand is based on vectors & flat illustrations.

As soon as the branches initiated their openings, Saudis from all across the kingdom plus a big diaspora of Chinese, Filipinos, Egyptians, Lebanese & many other nationalities visited them & posted pictures on social media platforms. Visitors invited their friends through social media & hashtags to try the food. Most people visiting the branches, stated that the brand creation in terms of design teased them and encouraged them to come and visit China Gate.

Michel Azar

I am a Designer and Branding Fan, growing professionally in the field, working for Grey Riyadh. A comic book & action figure collector. In love with cinema.

Nowadays, I've discovered my enthusiasm for letters, specially, Arabic letters. Recently started a personal project, based on Digital calligraphy, in an attempt to preserve our traditional Lebanese roots & folklore.

Collaborated with MENA Multi-Millionaire clients such as: HP| Hewlett Packard, Mcdonald's, Intel, Audi, Subway, Daikin, Nadec, Riyad Bank, Sadad, Al Faisaliah, Cayan, Tadawul, Al Rabie...

I'm available for freelance projects and would love to make collaborations with you.

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