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"Chipolucho" design Italian restaurant

Saranin Artemy
July 21, 2021
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Russian interior designer HoReCa Saranin Artemy (ALLARSTDESIGN design studio) presents a new design of the family Italian restaurant Chipolucho, which is located in the city of Samara (Russian Federation)

Saranin Artemiy: "We were invited to make the best family restaurant in Samara, for us it was one of the most interesting projects in our work".
The institution occupies the second floor of a separately standing duplex building along Molodogvardeyskaya Street, 182 in the very center of Samara. The layout was not ideal, diamonds, radii, columns. All this helped to create a more interesting interior. The hall has large windows on 2 walls and a mansard stained-glass window above the staircase, a soft zone on the podium, a hall in the center, a comfortable landing along the stained-glass window, a private area, a large open kitchen.

The kitchen itself has the shape of a semicircle; this form duplicates a round Pompeian oven in which a real Italian pizza is cooked under the watchful eye of the chef Italian Andrea Galli and the Samara chef Sergei Kornev. The menu "Chipolucio" includes traditional Italian dishes, but in the author's presentation of the brand-chef. All dishes are prepared in the open kitchen, with panoramic glazing.

Designer Saranin Artemiy: "The room itself has large stained-glass windows - this allows you to create a different atmosphere depending on the time of day. Through large windows, daylight gently and warmly illuminates the space, in the evening, the atmosphere becomes very romantic»

We wanted to create a family Italian restaurant, such as we imagined it. The interior of the restaurant is designed in such a way that it is equally good for those who conduct business negotiations, and those who have breakfast on weekends with children. The abundance of living vegetation in the compilation with a lot of scenery - creates a pleasant atmosphere. Residents of the city, on the first day of the opening of the family Italian restaurant Chipolucho - pleasantly surprised, there was a huge queue on the street, and there had never been such a thing before »

During this time, the establishment was visited by over a million guests from all over the world, the Chipolucho restaurant was included in the dozen of the best restaurant concepts of the Russian Palm Branch award, the restaurant was approved by the committee of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Saranin Artemy

Interior design philosophy ALLARTSDESIGN it based on the principles of efficient and creating an atmosphere of different public spaces.

We justify our solution, each, and at all stages of the design functionality and environmental friendliness is second only to the aesthetics and comfort.

Our personality - author eclecticism and industrial combining monumental classicism luxury and impeccable hendmeyd style with a modern twist.

Accumulated decades of professionalism, experience and refined taste allows us to design the space of any complexity, and the interaction with European partners ensures a reasonable approach to design.

The final stage of realization of individual concepts with the original elements of the interior underline the importance and the success of your business!

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