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Davide Saraceno
November 16, 2016
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“A Love Story” is Chipotle’s latest animated short film: it was created by CAA and Passion Pictures under the direction of Saschka Unseld (Pixar's The Blue Umbrella).

As the official synopsis reads: “The moment young Ivan saw Evie, it was love at first sight. Needing money to ask her to a movie, Ivan starts innocently competing with Evie's food stand. The result devolves into a thirty-year-long fast food rivalry. Using every trick in the book, they unwittingly abandon their integrity to win customers. But when they can no longer recognize their monstrous creations, they ultimately discover what truly matters, their love for real food... and each other.”

The movie is obviously the result of a long professional creative team-work.
I was involved as a graphic designer in the project, so I did my part working closely with art director Katy Wu and producer Sibylle Preuss — both gave me detailed briefs and helped me coming up with the best visual solutions.
I enjoyed working in the trail of a beautiful, clear, overall art direction, but with a lot of freedom to explore visual alternatives for almost any design element.

I worked 100% digitally on my designs (kind of essential to ensure a fast turnaround time) but spending effort to achieve a warm, textural feel for all of them.
I used a pretty common tools combo: Photoshop + Illustrator on iMac + Cintiq.

People love “A Love Story”, it got a lot of positive feedback online and it also won an AEAF 2016 “Special Merit” award; this is a great reward after months of hard work.
Collaborating with Passion Pictures has been a blast: so much talent, creativity and professionalism… I would do it again tomorrow!

Please enjoy the movie and my design case study, then let me know what you think!

Davide Saraceno

Davide Saraceno (1976) is an illustrator/designer based in Turin (Italy), working on a variety of illustrative projects in publishing, advertising, motion and new media.

He never graduated in computer engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin because he was pretty bad at it. Luckily enough, in 2000 he started a self taught career in the so–called “creative industry”. From 2007 through 2013 he worked as a senior art director at Mutado, Milan.
After years of exciting projects, he returned to freelancing to focus on illustration, character design and visual storytelling.

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