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christian's harvest

christian's harvest

Dario vargas
August 1, 2022
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Photograph of my great friend Cristian Donoso, agronomist and gastronomic entrepreneur.
An afternoon full of beautiful clouds, very good food and great wines
The most important thing that my wife @cynthiatrujillo is to participate in this great project

For years now we have been taking profoto light to the street, to the countryside, and taking them out of the studios.
One of our projects is portraits of kitchen men, country men, who go from the garden to the kitchen.
We try to portray the beauty of our country

Nikon D4 camera 1/250 iso 100
lens, nikon 24mm f9
Profoto B10+
capture one pro

Very good, in social networks great acceptance

enjoy life we only have one

dario vargas

Photographer and videographer, company dedicated to the education of lighting and photography, gastronomy, portraits, lifestyle, products, dance and marriages. We work with medium format cameras such as 35mm fx and Profoto lighting equipment.

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