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Christmas Decorations from Wonderland by Marina Adamova

Christmas Decorations from Wonderland by Marina Adamova

Marianne Piano
November 16, 2015

The movie Alice in the Wonderland and the book which is our artist's favorite childhood book is the inspiration of this artwork. The process, our artist Marina used, is called Papercutting. According to Wikipedia: Paper cutting or paper cutting is the art of cutting paper designs. The art has evolved uniquely all over the world to adapt to different cultural styles. Check it out and get more excited for the coming Holidays! Enjoy!

This series was created specially for the event (Oslo PopUp Exhibition in It Is So Collective gallery in Oslo, Norway). I changed the format of the designs I made in 2013 (from square 25x25 cm framed paper-cuts to the sphere compositions , d=10 cm) and created five new ones.

- Marina Adamova



It took me 2 months to finish the project for all 10 ornaments.

- Marina Adamova




In 2013, inspired with Alice in Wonderland story (which was my favorite book when I was a child), I started papercutting by creating the first 5 designs for this fairy-tale. Since then this theme has never got out of my head. So when I was invited to participate in Oslo Pop Up, I decided that it's a good opportunity to fulfill the Alice series with a few more scenes. And the idea of the unusual format for my paper-cuts came quite logically - the Christmas shop as Holidays are coming soon.

- Marina Adamova




For 2, 5 D style I usually work with 300gr/m^2 design papers, Alice's stockings and blushed faces were painted with watercolors; white glue and plastic 10 cm ball forms.

- Marina Adamova




My mantra is "I'm here and now!" Be proactive each moment of your life to feel alive. Don't kill the child in you, just keep playing! Think positive. I believe I can't change anything in global meaning but If I do my best and can make some people smile and feel warm because of my art then my efforts were not in vain.

- Marina Adamova


Marina Adamova, is a Moscow based paper artist and illustrator. She has attained two higher degree, the latter of which is Graphic Design from the British High School of Art and Design in Moscow. Year 2013, she started to work as paper artist and it's been taking most of her time since then. This spring she was invited to join PAC (Paper Artist Collective - the collective of young and ambitious paper artists from all around the world). Her first joint exhibition will be held in Oslo, Norway this November where the series of Alice ornaments will be exhibited.

See more of her amazing artworks in Behance and her website.

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