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Churrería Pepe — Logo Redesign

Churrería Pepe — Logo Redesign

Allfonso Soriano
September 18, 2018
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Churrería Pepe is a familiar business located in the town of Marmolejo, in the province of Jaén, that for almost 40 years has offered customers and visitors of the town the best spanish churros in the region. Given the nearness of his 40 anniversary I was commissioned to redesign its logo to provide it with an aspect in tuning with the activity that it develops. The redesign, inspired by its famous spanish churros, has resulted in an easily recognizable brand that invitess to visit the establishment and through its different configurations expresses its service vocation and quality guarantee.

The idea was to provide the business with a recognizable and distinctive brand that will promote their products directly and generate the desire to visit the establishment to consume them, expressing at the same time the vocation of service that characterizes its personnel.

I usually don’t make many sketches by hand, I usually have my ideas very clear when it comes to proceeding with the design phase.
The design tools that I usually use are different, depending on the project in which I'm immersed, but as a general rule I use vector software.

Although the project is still in the implementation phase, the acceptance has been extensive and the client is very satisfied with the result obtained.
In each project you learn something, it can be in the technical area or in customer relationships, but knowing the client well and maintaining a good relationship is essential to obtain good results.

Passion and persistence.

Allfonso Soriano

Self-taught, proactive and design lover.

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