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Circle -  Countertop oven

Circle - Countertop oven

Guillermo Gonzalez
March 25, 2017
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Urban life is overloaded with tasks and elements around people. This oven helps make cooking easier and more comfortable home environment. Calm, security and confidence are some ideas that inspire the design.
This is an intelligent oven that offers differents functions to control from a mobile application. The oven door is the main user interface, both physical and virtual.

The design achieves a geometric, minimalist and clean aesthetic which gives the oven a technologic and decorative appearance at the same time.
The circle creates the morphology and this achieves a highly differentiated oven in its segment. Also, the circle refers to the traditional clay oven, and this idea favors a historic and emotional bond.

As in all design projects happens, the result is a combination of many factors, needs and expectations. It was considered the current market of electric ovens, trends of smart product and internet of things, trends in kithchen furniture and urban daily lifes.
I think in the future the design will be more fluent and bases on cycles, even in morphological terms. So, the circle creates the morphology and this achieves a highly differentiated oven in its segment.

Initially I always make exploratory esketches around the main idea. Then, when the design way is defined and selected, the 3D modeling starts (I use Rhinoceros modeling software). Finally, I make photorealistic images using Keyshot, and for all others informative contents, Adobe suit (Ilustrator, photoshop).

People respond with pleasure because the oven convey them soft and warm sensations.
This project shows me, once again, how a simple design can modify what we usually have in mind about what an oven could be. In this project the manufacturing proccess, materials applied are the same that nowaday are used in the industry. This project was developed jointly with support of the Altium company, who develop software and hardware design.

Guillermo Gonzalez

April 2014 - Present
GG Design consultancy
Freelance designer

May 2014 - June 2015
Industrial designer
Shanghai, China.

April 2007 - November 2013
Designplus S.R.L.
Senior Industrial designer,
La Plata, Bs As, Argentina.

March 2004 - May 2016
Professor of 2D tools and sketching
UNLP - National University of La Plata.

Bachelor degree in Industrial design at UNLP,
National University of La Plata, Bs As, Argentina.

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