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City Car by Anssi Mustonen

City Car by Anssi Mustonen

Honey Adraque
December 1, 2015
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City Car was selected in the top 24 project for the BraunPrize competition and it was showed in the Braun Prize exhibition in different countries during 2005. The City Car variable qualities are suitable for both in and out of city environments. The two-seater City Car is also a solution for parking problems in densely built cities. The variable distances between the front and the rear axis and the 180° turn of the rear wheels make the car suitable for city circumstances. Read on and enjoy!

There was a designing course at my school in 2004 where our job was to design an economical and enviromenta-friendly light vehicle. My basis were the cities of Asia and both their growingemission and space problems. My goal was to design a vehicle that is light, economical, enviromentally-friendly and convertible for different situations. I decided the car wouldn't be traditional car but in a way a hybrid that has symphtoms of the popular rikša. And with this project I took part in the BraunPrize competition.

- Anssi Mustonen



I was inspired by the growing traffic problems in Asia and I challenged myself to create one suggestion for the solution. I used the regular processes of designing. First made a survey of the problems and possible solutions. A few rounds of ideation and sketching by hand to sketching with photoshop and making some rough 3D models. I defined the main ideology of the CityCar in the very beginning. The ideology is changing axel space and to have seats for two. To figure out the mechanic solution for the transformation it needes a few extra rounds of ideation. In the 2nd level of the competition it was enough to have renderings made out of a 3D geometry. At the last level I made an actual 1/5 scale model of the CityCar.

- Anssi Mustonen


For sketching and ideation I used pen and paper but also Wacom and Photoshop. I used Rhino for the 3D modeling. Rendering I did with 3DMax + Vray

1/5 scale model mein parts were 3D printed (SLS)
The windshield I made with a plastic injection molding and lots of the other details and finishing manually by hand.

- Anssi Mustonen


About Anssi Mustonen

Anssi Mustonen is a 39 years old industrial designer from Finland. He has been working in the design industry for about 10 years and almost 6 years as an entrepreneur now. He graduated from the Lahti Institute of Design in 2007 and have been working as a designer in Nokia where they created design concepts to a new technology. He has also worked with motorbikes, ATV and some cars in transportation design team at KiskaDesign, Austria, 2008 , as well as other vehicle projects in his own design agency. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile and Instagram.

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