CJM Thesaurus

A set of illustrations made for Wonderfull Lab, Moscow. The expertise of Wonderfull is design thinking method and their main mission is to educate people and companies about this tool. This visual story made to support the article about “customer journey” and to explain terms that are often used along with it.

The style I chose is a bit childish and plain. I must admit it was not very easy to illustrate all those terms, which sometimes seemed absolutely vague to me in their meaning. After I created one character and played around with putting him into a certain situation, my hand just started to run. At the end, I took a very simple approach of metaphors and just followed the character on his user experience path.

I started with sketches in Adobe illustrator straight away. Sometimes it is actually easier for me to just make everything digitally. My drawing tablet helps me a lot in that. He is my best friend. Also, I normally try to understand the style of one piece before doing all the others.

I have actually learned more about the terms that I had to draw, their meaning, as it normally happens. For sure, when you have to visualize some information, you first have to learn it so that you understand the essence of it.

Polina Kushnerevich