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Classic House

Classic House

Petr Stepnov
June 13, 2018
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Hey everyone! This work was done for the company RatioDom, which updates the renderings on its website. In the course of the work, such programs as 3D Max 2018, Corona Renderer 1.7.2, Adobe Photoshop, Quixel Megascans were used. Almost all the textures were taken from the site

The project is made for the company Ratio House. The house was made by the architect in the archcade. For work it was necessary to create an environment. When I first saw the house, I wanted to make a summer sunny mood at the picture. And here you see it on your monitor

At first it was necessary to determine the mood of the picture. I began to select references that would fit the mood that I want. Then I picked up the necessary models and textures for work. Textures were used from Quixel Megascans and from For landscaping the scene, I used Corona Scatter, VertexPainter - to create paths. When the scene with the environment was ready, there was only importing the house into the scene, its shading, and the arrangement of light. For lighting in the scene, an HDRI map was used. When the scene was completely ready, it only needed to click the render. The result is the renderers you see.

My architect really liked these renderers. Then I posted this work on the site Where it is still appreciated by people. In this project, I hone my skills in modeling, shadering, setting the light in the scene and post-processing images

Create, create works that will impress people, and then you will succeed!

If you liked the work, visit my account on Behance:

Petr Stepnov

Welcome to my profile.
My name is Petr Stepnov and I'm a CG artist.
Creating CG images of beautiful architectural design is my current goal in life, and I want to share with you my results through my work. I have a rich skill in scene modeling, light setup, and shading. In every my work, I'm trying to fill it with life and emotions so you can breathe the mood of your design project.

If you interested in cooperation, please contact me any time.

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