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Classifieds App Seesaw

Classifieds App Seesaw

Monodeep samanta
August 25, 2016
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Seesaw brings you the most important and most interesting stories from around your local, hand-picked by our editors and you. We are Seesaw, the world's classifieds. Similar to a newspaper where people can post ads. Basic goal of that project was updating current and creating a friendly brand of a modern, simple, and convenient platform for most interesting stories from around your local. I worked hard to this and designed this app from scratch based on research and analysis. This mobile application is designed for common people and managers of large and medium-sized companies.

The project was born from my interest in information architecture, which has always fascinated me. Client perspective : We make the news easy to understand. Our editors know that when something happens, the who, why, when, and how matter just as much as the what. We’ll make sure you’ve got context and background to major news events as they happen.

I thought to have fun working on this project. The most important task was to make sense of simplicity. The most difficult was to create a clear ads view with minimalist style and iconography symbols. Simple layout and not overloaded design. When I picked up the project I had no idea what to articulate.Yes, I understood the context, such as setting content, Ads tracking and record, but to portray it in minimalist style – it was really difficult.

After deep research and brainstorming, I sketched it in pencil. my main motto behind design is to keep it as simple as possible, the minimalist style and after some several iterations, we have approved the prototypes and I started to draw the final design (AXURE). If we look about the colors – here I have chosen colors that match the latest trends. In my opinion, this color scheme and graphics solution look modern. I mainly worked in Photoshop and illustrator. There was a stage of thinking through the style of the program, and then color matching based on a few screens, then everything is already created in the selected style. This design won out, and with the combination of using a bright gradient colors of the Seesaw to be the most modern approach for the classifieds app .

I noticed that people like very much the project. There were many challenges faced me when I was sketching that, I think it is because this style is much appreciated these times. People generally like this project. Personally, I recommend systematically inspired; by a simple,beautiful and user-friendly design. behance designer assessed it positively.Of course, as each work – is first of all a new experience. With these color sсheme I worked for the first time.

I’d love to expand the project to include several other cities of the world. – Most of the time with real clients there’s a lot of restrictions in creativity and deadlines. this is a useful exercise, which really develops and improves my style. My design is limitless. I hope to continue to continue work in this direction and create new interesting projects.
The only thing I can part with my fellow artists is"do what you love by steve jobs"

Hi! As an experienced UI/UX designer . Specialized in building enterprise digital and mobile services, products and apps with simple and clean yet creative and trendy user experiences with a focus on the en-user. A hands-on capable team lead dedicated to producing inspiring and innovative digital experiences with the latest cross-platform technology solutions Demonstrated strong knowledge and understanding of the intersection of e commerce, marketing, culture, community, creativity and technology Excellent communication skills working with designers, developers, corporate clients, IT and other executive, marketing and creative cross-professionals in crazyegg and unbounce.

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Monodeep samanta

Hi! As an experienced UI/UX designer, I design clean user centered designs to help my clients reach their goals through sites or apps.Progressive design professional poised to contribute experienced, innovative graphic artistry, evolving new style and methodology to produce highest caliber designs, utilizing most current technologies, and collaborative brainstorming strategies.

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