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Clay And Ash by Roberto Falck

Clay And Ash by Roberto Falck

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July 21, 2015

The project Clay and Ash came as the result of years of travel and exposure to tribal and indigenous cultures around the globe. Over the past 10 years I have traveled to various places on earth, some more remote than others, primarily to witness the lives of cultures that still preserve elements of their ancestors. My primary focus has been portraiture, and my intention has been to find the beauty in and to get closer to the soul of the subjects I photograph.
-Roberto Falck



There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different cultures on this planet and I am fascinated by how unique each one is. At the same time I’m amazed by the common threads that bring us all together. In one way or another we are all connected. All humans want to live well, to be loved and to reproduce and continue the cycle. What attracts me about all these cultures is their ability to adapt to unique environments. This is manifested by the dwellings they live in, the food they eat, and--most interesting to me--the clothing and the decorative accessories they utilize.
-Roberto Falck




As an artist, I strive to create something original and unique that I can call my own. The search for that unique view is what pushes me to keep experimenting and looking for a different point of view--the one that will speak with a higher pitch. For me, taking a photograph is one thing, but creating one is a much bigger challenge.
-Roberto Falck



Creating a new image means incorporating multiple influences. These can include borrowing ideas from other art forms (like painting, sculpture, movies and writing), reaching out from your dreams, and being influenced by cultures different than your own.
-Roberto Falck




In Clay and Ash, I incorporated the three elements previously mentioned--an interest in indigenous cultures, the beauty of symmetry and geometry, and the need to create a unique photograph. This doesn't come easy and ultimately is a collaborative effort.
-Roberto Falck

You can learn more about Clay And Ash in his website.

About Roberto Falck

Roberto Falck has been shooting professionally for more than ten years and has traveled the world capturing portraits of people from these cultures endangered by this inevitable change. With a long term project, Roberto wants to create a visual record of as many of these cultures as he can to preserve their image and their memory in a graceful and beautiful photographic way. You can See more of his project at Behance or his website.

2 comments on “Clay And Ash by Roberto Falck”

  1. I don't know that tribal people can have such amazing art. Nice combination of clay and ash. All the things around us made from the clay and become the ash one day. I know how it's difficult to capture such amazing art in camera. Great work!

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