Cliff Home

Personal project of cliff house. The goal with this project was to do as much in 3d as possible and imitate the real world conditions. Falling snow, fog, stars, water and clouds in the night photo are also modeled and animated.

Inspiration, reference and ideas came from my summer camping and hiking. That is why the focus is mostly on the landscape. it was more time consuming , a lot of testing and modeling but it was definitely worth it. The house has gray concrete shell which I think it goes well with the landscape.

Nikon D3200. Most of the textures and reference photos I took with my camera like leaves, pine needles, ground, grass, concrete, bark…
Photoshop was used for creating tillable textures and for final touches like color grading, lens distortion, adding noise…
3ds Max was used for modeling, texturing, animating, lighting and final rendering.
ZBrush was used for rock detailing where I extracted normal maps, height map and AO map.
SpeedTree for modeling the trees and plants.
Forest Pack for scattering trees, rocks, grass, bushes, gravel…

I guess people liked the project. I got a lot of technical questions of how you did this and how you did that and mostly they have asked me is what software did I use. I do not really think is important what you use from but how you use it. Everyone should use what suits them. From this project I learned that best inspiration is the one you experience. There is no photo on the web that can substitute the real life experience.

Strahinja Drazic