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Climate Rush - Mobile Game

Climate Rush - Mobile Game

Marco Barbosa
September 23, 2017
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Climate Rush was developed during my last year of graduation in Graphic Design. My goal was to create a mobile game based on one of the biggest global issues that we face nowadays - Climate Change & Global Warming.

After all, we can have a little fun while we learn. ☺

Creating a mobile game was one of my life goals, and doing it for a purpose such as the urgent growing issue that Climate change & Global warming represent, It was like joining the useful to the pleasant.

I knew from the beginning the kind of visual aspect i wanted the game to have, such as flat design, simple iconic illustrations, etc...and slowly but surely the game came to life.

The project started with an extensive reasearch about the mobile game market, in order to understand how Climate Rush could fit in.

For the process i started with a few sketches and brainstormings about all the research, and then used the main design tools as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, adobe indesign then finishing the project animation videos on adobe after effects.

Entire video game animation @

The reactions to this project were very hearthwelcoming just like Dannica's (from invitation to feature the project on this website. ☺

Spreading awareness to the cause while having fun, this project showed me that it doesn't matter how hard something may seem, if you work hard and believe it's achievable, you will be able to do it and make your contribution.

Entire video game animation @

It doesn't matter how much you do to address this global issue, because the smallest contribution to the awareness of this cause will make the wave bigger and bigger, to the point where everyone can realize that this is something serious and a duty to us as the main controlling species on this planet!

Feel Free to Check the entire project on behance @


Marco Barbosa

Hey there, i'm Marco from Portugal, a graduated Graphic Designer. ☺

My current focus is on Game Design & Mobile Apps (UI/UX).

Feel free to check out more of my work @


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