Cloverton Game Characters

I was contracted to create 8 different characters to live and kill in a cut-throat world. Roaming around and completing contracts to kill people and each other. Each character in different category’s.

Each character has a set skill, each as deadly as one another. Who will survive and win !

I used the famous game platform GTA as a idea. But from my knowledge of assassin movies and comic books, I created each character with the intention have a back story.

Using different weapons and each a different skill set. Some using martial arts, military experience and some just insane enough to be in the assassin world.

I drew each character with pencil and paper first then scanned them in to then photoshop colouring.

Taking into consideration how each character needs to be portrayed, the little details telling a story and some mystery behind them.

Colour was a big thing, some standing out and some blending in with their surroundings, of course to not be seen so easily to stalk their prey better.

People reacted well to the project and proceeded to ask when will the game be published.

I learnt how to better add in little details to tell a better story plus how small details tell a lot more. For example the poses of the characters can tell a lot about them

John peter Meiring

My name is John Peter Meiring and I have skills ranging from illustration, 2d animation, graphic design and motion graphic designer.