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Co.Lour by Laura Dillema

Co.Lour by Laura Dillema

Jon Paylaga
June 25, 2015
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'Co.Lour' is a new online store where you can shop curated items divided by colour or materials, and they asked Laura Dillema to create some of their logos. Check out the process below.

It had to be unique and fresh, there was no need for a perfect neat logo. So I skipped the pencils and went on with a regular brush and some ink. After a couple of try-outs we already had a winner. I took a high resolution photo of it and edited in Photoshop. It's cool that you can actually see the brush strokes and it's little imperfections, gives it a lot of character.

- Laura Dillema








About Laura Dillema

Laura Dillema is a freelance Lettering and Graphic designer from The Netherlands. She is graduated as a Graphic Designer and after school she focused on working as a freelancer. After her graduation she got hooked on the craftsmanship of handlettering and started to develop her skills and her own style in this field. You can find more of her work on her Behance profile or her website.

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