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Coastal Museum by Jens Buch Johansen

Coastal Museum by Jens Buch Johansen

Honey Adraque
June 13, 2015

The project was my 4th semester project at architecture school, I made it in collaboration with another student called Lau Tidemann Poulsen. I’m afraid he doesn't have an online portfolio, but please include his name as well. The assignment was to make a museum at the North Eastern coast of Denmark at a site full of WWII bunkers, which already has a museum about the german occupation of Denmark. It was to be a museum for all kinds of different subjects relating to life and history at the coast. Including viking ships, fishing, the war, etc. The project is a real project, in which the client. The museum is planning to use the best of our ideas in collaboration with an architecture firm to create the final project, once planning permissions and the budget are in place.

- Jens Buch Johansen







Our idea was to make an icon which would bring something different than the concrete bunkers to the site - an interpretation of waves, sails, boats, etc. We attached it to existing bunkers and worked with moving around below the roof Shell as well as below ground where the bunkers and the ancient history exhibitions would be placed. The juxtaposition of these two very different experiences we felt made a good basepoint for an exhibition Space. The final model is made of MDF with the roof shell 3D printed on top. The charcoal drawings are different representations I made during the course of the project as our ideas changed. The digital material is made in revit, illustrator and Photoshop. There is more in my portfolio below about the project.

- Jens Buch Johansen







About Jens Buch Johansen

Jens Buch Johansen is an architecture student, from Aarhus, Denmark. He's a graphic designer with his own small Company - Jens Buch Designs  where he does everything from branding, web design, print design, to industrial design. You can find more of his artworks on his Behance profile or website.

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  1. Perfection is the word. The design of Coastal Museum screams perfection when looked at from any corner. The design shows an excellent bridge between the history and the modern present. This museum if made the way the architect wanted, will become a place worth seeing and there will be a huge waiting list to visit it, I'm sure.

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