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Justine Lotigie
April 13, 2018
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The Coat kettle is made from recycled plastic. The line is pure, the essential is in the texture of the material. This coat hides the complexity of the mechanism and highlight the simplicity of the usage. The form of the mug is following the same spirit.
Dimensions: Height 25cm

This idea came from the observation of the current market, most of the kettle I found were not aligned with the new trends in term of colors and material. I chose these colors for their softness and sobriety. For more sustainability I decided to use recycled plastic on this product. On top of the fact that this material is ecological, it brings a nice texture and finish. It makes this kettle unique and sophisticated.

I started this project with small sketches/doodle, and to better understand the volume I jumped quickly on cad modeling. First of all I wanted to define the global shape (size, outside surface, handle, base). And after from that point I could really define all the details of the kettle, from the shape of the spout, the radius of the surface and how this one will wrap around the components, and highlight the main functions.

People responded well to this project, I received interesting feedback on the range of colors. It was challenging to propose a CMF which is trendy but not used to see in this typology of product. It was important for me to create a line of colors that will fit perfectly with others products from the table that are more perceived as decoration (glass, plate, cutlery...).

Justine Lotigie

Industrial designer

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