Coca Cola Mini Sessions

This was a college photography proyect. My team and I were to elaborate a miniature scene and try different angles for that class. We produced it and shot it by ourselves with some pro equipment back at our college studio.

We started thinking about different options for miniature scenarios, and came up with a car crash idea, since it’s a very static scene. It all evolved day after day and we ended up bringing our snowy coca cola forest to life.

We, separately, picked every material we thought would help prepare the context. From little branches we found on the floor, to cotton and powder to create the snow. We took everything into the studio and started shooting and trying different angles, lights, possitions, until we finally got the shots we wanted.
After that, we touched the colours and light a little bit in Photoshop, ending with what you can see now.

We got very possitive reviews and learnt a lot about illumination in set. Teamwork is essential in this kind of productions since you need everything to be in the right place, and it can be tricky if you are willing to take care of everything by yourself.

Fernando Peral Belmont

23 years old. Creative copywriter. Amateur designer.