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Coca-Cola Packaging / concept

Coca-Cola Packaging / concept

Stas Bordukov
January 28, 2020

It's not completely eco, but better than buried plastic for couple hundred years.
There are many countries that don't have waste recycling, that's why even this solution can reduce the amount harm to the environment.
i designed this packaging observing style in forms and graphic design of Coca-Cola

Mostly garbage is disposed of in landfills. And there are many countries that do the same.
Of course, all countries will come to the recycling of garbage, but it will be a long way for a long time. And every day landfills with eternal plastic will grow.
Using carton is not best way, but still it's not eternal plastic in the earth for hundreds years.
Carton pack is decomposes several times faster than plastic.

The first of all i made the pack, trying to use wave as general element in Coca-Cola identity.
Than I made 3D model and textures for rendering packs with material and lighting.
At in end i used photoshop to create final look of the images.

Usually people react negatively to such a decision, saying that this packaging is not environmentally friendly and requires a lot of resources for disposal. Yes, but, I will repeat my thougths.
There are countries that have not even started recycling.
Imagine the world in a hundred, one hundred and fifty years ...
Let's say all countries go to the full disposal of garbage, while we still have plastic bottles in the land and in the ocean for hundreds of years in advance. while the cardboard boxes will decompose.
Between two evils we can choose the least.

Guys, it's just my vision, i could be wrong,
by the way i'm very worried about the huge market for drinks in plastic packaging and I hope that we will find a compromise in the future!

Thank you and stay green ! )

Stas Bordukov

Hi there!
I'm a graphic designer and a CG artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
In my works I try to be as free as possible in ideas and decisions. I often resort to experimentation and relate to design as an art that is born within competitive market relations.
My goal is to remain primarily a design thinker who is interested in finding a design solution for life

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