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Samriddhi Temak
August 23, 2022
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This is a coffee delivery app. This app helps coffee lovers enjoy their top-notch coffee at the convenience, be in a park reading a book or watching Netflix at home, and have freshly brewed coffee right by you.

I am a hardcore coffee lover, there are times when I would crave freshly brewed flavored coffee with premium quality, at the luxury of sitting at home. That's when it occurs to me to make a delivery app just for coffee. I also love the high contrasting colors so I tried to pick the action color complimenting coffee yet contrasting to the dark background.

I used Figma for the interface, photoshop for the mockup presentation, and illustrator for the vector elements such as a logo. I was learning app designing from this online teacher, so while learning when I thought it was coming off great, it was when I decided to publish it.

I learned to develop an app and how to present it well. So far people liked it, so I guess that's a win!

Samriddhi Temak

Hello, I am Samriddhi Temak. I am a professional Graphic Designer for almost 4 years. I specialize in digital and Brand design.
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