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Coffee Syrup MOYOSA

Coffee Syrup MOYOSA

Ekaterina Buzova
July 15, 2016
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MOYOSA is a brand of organic syrups that delivers the best range of flavors and tastes such as hazelnut, chocolate, caramel, cardamom, mojito, vanilla created for coffee drinks and cocktails. It is a mixture of balance and passion: strong typography and the grid of blocks are meant to calm the nervous system and invite the mind toward tranquility. We would like to create an association with expansion and growth. The concept of package design depends on the relationship between the label design and the color pattern of the whole design. It is a combination of colors, patterns and shapes. The final design pieces look right together and complement each other.

The logo design was initially based on Othello – protagonist of the Shakespeare’s tragedy of the same name: a powerful leader, romantic traveler, a Christian Moor and general of the armies of Venice, – Othello is an eloquent and physically powerful figure, respected by all those around him. The sign combines the original gravure portrait of Othello with classic graphics and modern style thus establishing a strong connection between romantic and masculine images of the past and minimalistic trends of the present. A specially designed font enriches the logo making it more unique and creative.

As designers, we started with brainstorming initial ideas about the theme via Paper app. We analyzed and compared research results and create a design plan for packaging design. We usually start with lots of scribbles and small sketches before we make elaborate and detailed drawings. This enables us to get our ideas down quickly on paper. We selected last small sketches which we used to develop our own design of the package in Adobe Illustrator.

Being a very curious perfectionist always in quest of novelties, we constantly try to stay open and keep myself informed, as far as the Image is concerned. In that respect, the evolution of the web always brings us all we need to satisfy our curiosity. We always love working on ambitious projects with passionate people and We are totally open to any offer when it comes to new projects. That's why we hope, that people respond to our project the same way.

Ekaterina Buzova

Our passion lies in creating products that empower, inspire and motivate those around us. We're focused on creating a better experience for interaction between people and design of the product. We believe collaboration and innovation are crucial in making a lasting impact.
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