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Colors of DC

Colors of DC

Marçal Prats
March 26, 2019
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The design of this new editorial series are a celebration of the beauty of the colors of District of Columbia: the intense red in the flags, the eye-catching green of the parks alongside the bright blue of the sky, the warm orange & yellow tones of dawn and dusk, and the otherworldly violet hues at night.


The process started looking for inspiration of the landmark places of Washington DC. After getting color images and decide the color combinations of each publication. Then, in InDesign I created a color palette of only two colors for each publication, that I used for all the entire issue.

The photos previously converted to greyscale in Photoshop, when imported to InDesign can be colored like any other object. The final look is when change the blending mode to overlay to create a superposition of the two colors to add depth and a vibrant visual rythm. Typography always plays another main role helping the readability and making the experience enjoyable.

People were pleased to have a publication so colorful and fresh. It's a way to learn that colorful is not using a big amount of saturated colors, it's just going back to the basics, pick just two and create meaningful compositions for each spread.

GovLoop’s Pocket Guides are a public-sector resource that presents trending IT topics that are important to the U.S. Government community of Washington, DC. The content brings in outside research and gives readers a quick resource to reference and learn from.

A fresh follow-up from the Pocket Guides – Part I
that was inspired by the mid-1970s DC Metro design by Massimo Vignelli, and the grid-based systems by Josef Müller-Brockmann.

Marçal Prats

After completing his graphic design studies in Barcelona and London, Marçal spent most part of his career working in advertising agencies in Barcelona where he learned art direction.

In addition to his job, he is a UI/UX collaborative teacher at UAB –Autonomous University of Barcelona and recently moved to London after working in Washington, DC. Such moves are part of his endless aim to achieve new challenges and opportunities.

He also likes to produce remixes that are available for listening on

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