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Colors of Ramadan by Amr Elshamy

Colors of Ramadan by Amr Elshamy

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June 17, 2015

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and the month in which Muslims commemorate the first revelation of the Quran. Photographer, Amr Elshamy shows us a magical celebration of Ramadan with his colorful and mystical photographs.

Every year I make celebration project for Ramadan, this year I want to push my limits and make something entirely new, the idea for this year was to celebrate Ramadan month with modern art style full with colors and life, using ink colors along with some magic.
-Amr Elshamy


In my project, Colors of Ramadan, I used a water tank, ink colors, some fishing line and lanterns. I want it to look cool and very colorful.
-Amr Elshamy


It started a few months ago with a broken pen inside a coffee mug and then I started doing some experiments which did not work at all and was super frustrating. But, after a few months of trial and error I finally was able to make some magic!
-Amr Elshamy




I have this theory that every one has this artist inside him just need to let it out to the world, so work hard and never give up on your crazy ideas. Crazy ideas make a great art and artist. And that's what make you really different.
-Amr Elshamy



Amr is a self-taught artist from the "Country of Pyramids", Egypt. He loves to practice all styles/kinds of art, but his real passion is in filmmaking. You can see more of Colors of Ramadan, his work at Behance or his website.

8 comments on “Colors of Ramadan by Amr Elshamy”

  1. Thank you so very much, these helped me with my Ramadan presentation and I also got tons of compliments on it!

  2. My initial reaction to these images was to how pretty these are as opposed to what many in the world are trying to make us perceive Islam - the violence and terror associated with it. I grew up with the notion, regrettably, and it is only now where I begin to see the blurred lines between true faith, people who are using faith in their struggle and people who are using these situations for their own political agenda.
    A recently read book on the history of trade and how it shaped the course of history (A Splendid Exchange by William Bernstein) has given me a greater understanding of how faiths - not just Islam - were spread. It is in his use of inks that Elshamy struck my sensibilities. No, it is not just an aesthetic appeal but the way the inks were diffusing the way this particular faith diffused across the Middle East to the rest of the world. The faith was by no means spread via acts of terrorism or war but by Arab merchants who were going across Asia, Europe and Africa with their treasures from the East. (It is also interesting to note that the prophet Mohammed was a merchant.) Along with goods exchanged was the diffusion of a faith across the lands where the merchants conducted their exchanges.
    These are not just appealing images done cleverly with inks and photography. They are about faith, diffusion, and the challenge for us to see the beauty and light God/Allah has planted within each of us to shine.

    1. @Annie Man! This kind of makes you think. My first reaction was that it was kind of girly but when you put it this way, maybe you might be putting in meaning where the artist himself did not. I mean, he didn't even talk about religion except for the title.

    2. Kind of makes sense when you know the history. Clever way of using the lamp as a symbol for the search for enlightenment. Totally get what Annie is saying. Religions seek to help guide people to enlightenment.

  3. Wow!!! Colors of Ramadan by Amr Elshamy was such a beautiful project. Just loved those colors and the dreamy effect you created with the help of such clean editing and designing. It is very soothing on eyes. Takes you to some other world.

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