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Colors of Summer

Colors of Summer

Shannon Venezia
May 1, 2018

Colors of Summer is a collection of lifestyle photos taken of a man with his longboard riding along the coast of Duxbury Beach in Massachusetts. After seeing so many pure whites and cool blues the past few winter months I decided to break into spring with as much warmth as I could find. Incorporating a prism added that extra flare and lust for life the summer months bring.

Living on the East Coast of the US and just getting through a brutal winter, I ventured out looking for a location that gave me a West Coast feeling. I wanted those vibrant oranges and yellows to give this project warmth and vibes of summer (even though the temperature was still in the low 40's!). Having my partner riding his board with the setting sun in the distance just brought everything together perfectly and provided that "free" feeling I was going for.

I used my Sony A7RII and a 35mm f/1.8 lens. I wanted to give the photos just an extra little something to set them apart and what better way than to get some unique reflections and sun flares. For this technique all I did was put my prism up to the bottom of my lens and moved it around until I found the reflection and sun flare I wanted. Then I touched up the photos a bit with some light post processing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

My viewers responded really well to this project which gave me the motivation to move forward and really start working hard on my new project. I learned that I just really need to follow MY vision and stay true to myself.

Do what makes YOU happy.

Shannon Venezia

Shannon Venezia is a lifestyle based photographer located in Massachusetts, USA.

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