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Colourful Minimalist by Euc Reyes

Colourful Minimalist by Euc Reyes

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October 28, 2015
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Philippine based graphic designer Euclid Vittorio Reyes or "Euc Reyes" project Colourful Minimalist will feed your eyes with colourful buildings and structures from the Philippines. Let's see Euc's colourful images.



Colourful Minimalist is a personal project that I always wanted to try, and a refresher too. (Mostly, I do illustrations. And I want to branch out into the different kinds of field") I was browsing the Instagram world the other day and randomly saw this hashtag named, #candyminimal. I checked it out, and got hooked.
-Euc Reyes


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I've always wanted to come up with a different idea/twists for my projects, different in a sense that it will stand out in a crowd of similar styles. My style is minimal, with striking and vibrant colours. I used my preferred (and mostly used) palettes. Matt Crump is the one who started out the Candy Minimal movement, so I would say him haha. I wanted to share and describe my other works, but it is not the scope of the interview (I just want to add some stuff, to make it lengthy hahaha).
-Euc Reyes



Go find a decent and stable job to support your endeavors in life hahaha. Kidding aside (well half meant!), Go out and explore! Don't limit yourself into things that you see on a daily basis.
Research. Experiment. Socialize. Learn the rules before you break it. And lastly, don't share all your knowledge. Keep some for yourself.
-Euc Reyes




About Euc Reyes

"Euc Reyes" - Euclid Vittorio Reyes is the name, or you can call him Euc, it's fine by him. He's a fine arts graduate from the University of Santo Tomas. A left-handed lad who writes with his right. He's one of the few rare ones who doesn't drink coffee, he prefers milk. A C2 (self-proclaimed) Ambassador. You can see more of his works on Behance, Instagram or his Tumblr.

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