Comic by Mónica Recek

This is a personal project that illustrates the uncomfortable and funny situations that happen to all women but that no one dares to confess openly. All women feel that are the only ones to spend shameful moments, in fact, it is a global problem. There is not a single girl who want to look fine when eating or compare us with the pictures of other girls in Pinterest. We are complicated, grumpy, vain and with a broad and discreet vocabulary to curse; And that’s fucking great.

I always drew myself as a portrait, one day something just happened to me that said “I have to draw myself doing that” and people started to like them and they laughed, they labeled their friends with phrases like “This is you” or ” That’s me” feeling totally identified and that is an big satisfaction.

I started with only pencil, ink and paper and decided to return it to vectors using the unique Copic tones that I liked to use with my vignettes.

When I go on transportation, walking on the street or sitting in a cafe I can not help but observe the other people, listen to some of their conversations when they talk out loud, i start a list of things that happened to me On the day and a drawing begins. I correct, erase and when it is ready, vectorize using Illustrator and my Wacom tablet.

Most of the followers of this project are women, started with likes on Instagram, tagging their friends or sharing in their social networks. It is very gratifying when they recognize and like my work and do not hesitate to label me in their publications.

Mónica Recek

I am a freelance illustrator from Puebla, Mexico.
I studied graphic design, from a very young age I began to draw my own comics and characters. My illustrations range from the illustration of children, realism, to vignettes with touches of humor.