Comida Casera

This project was made for a home-made food restaurant, named “El Granado”. The objective was to create a friendly and fluent logo that could fit in the world of design around food, and to express a warm feeling because the concept represent the moment when a family sit together at the table.

The idea came up around the isotype. My client and I realized that the ladle is a frequently element in the home-made cooking and it bring a lots of family memories. After an arduous search for fonts, I decided that the one that I choose fits better in the restaurant services world, a font that pretend to be handwritten. Then I transform it a little to make it more fluent than the original.

The softwares that I used was photoshop and illustrator. The first thing that I did was to look for an isotype, then I chose the font and finally it came the transformation and composition of this font. After this steps I had to choose the colors, background, vegetables drawings and the project design to be presented on a website.

The project has been for a very short period of time on the internet, so it doesn’t have many reactions jet. I learned and improved my composition skills, I prefer a clean and minimalist composition at the moment to create a project to be presented to the public.

I would say to the readers that it’s never to late to keep on learning with every new project, as little as it can be. You can make your work looks pretty whit just simple things like a restaurant logo. I would like to ask you to check on the rest of my work on behance:

Juan Pablo Bello

I’m a 29 year old Art Director with 6 years of experience in Advertising agencies. In the recent years i have developed typographic skills and I care about every detail in the esthetics aspects of all of my campaigns and proyects.

I also have experience in another creative field, the font design, developing my own store in