Commissions project is a collection of illustrations that I made of people’s requests. I work on transforming people’s ideas and references into my own imagination in illustrations. I have been working on varied kinds of requests: portraits, portraits with imagined costumes, cute pets illustrations, wedding portrait illustrations, birthday cards, congratulatory cards, T-shirt designs (of commissioner’s drawn avatar) and many more.

My main styles are simplistic and cute. I try to create my kind of illustrations by balancing simple lines and not so many colors to make finished illustrations. I also make sure that from the small palette of colors that I use, the illustration can be bright enough to draw people’s attention.

I believe simple illustrations are timeless and pleasant to see for a long time as those will not overwhelm our minds.

I work with digital tools mostly, as I am still in progress to master watercolor illustrations. I use Wacom Cintiq 13HD for the drawing pen tablet with Clip Studio Paint for the software.

To begin the process, I would require some descriptions of how the clients want the illustrations to be. Sometimes, clients would provide photo or image references.

I then work on transforming the clients’ ideas, description and references into my own made illustrations. Initially I would do a rough sketch to show the clients how I initially vision their descriptions. Then, I work on making the linearts and proceed to coloring and shadowing.

I always give sketches and WIPs to my clients throughout its development. I like to keep my clients updated as I finish each stage. So far, all of my clients have been liking the way I produce their illustrations.

Sometimes, my clients would ask for some adjustments. I don’t always enjoy fixing trickier minute details, I would rather remake the whole illustration with the adjustments applied. Too many adjustments and it easily becomes a sub-par work which is a hassle to fix. I find it easier to start from the initial phase all over again. Nevertheless, I enjoy cooperating with my clients and want to strive for my best.

My clients have always been satisfied with the final result. Because I always keep my clients up to date with the WIPs of the work they ordered, they can request changes and give more information from the very beginning. With this, end up getting the results that they wanted, even when the project takes longer due to the adjustments. By using this working style, me and my clients have been cooperating very well.

This project allowed me to learn how differently people perceive arts. While some people appreciate simple illustrations with simple lines and colors, other people pay most attention to every single detail and prefer more colors and shadows which give dimension of the illustrations themselves.

Working with many kinds of people has been a great source of knowledge. I am grateful to be able to grow artistically, and how lucky I have been to meet good and cooperative clients.

It took me years of experimentation to draw with the art style that I like the most, which I am still not fully satisfied with.

I believe, to grow, no matter if as an artist or illustrator, everyone has to go through lots of challenges until he finds his true art identity. The one that really resonates with ourselves. It always takes a while. A long while… It doesn’t matter how long it takes, because as long as we work hard, practice daily and never give up, no matter how cliché it sounds, hard work will never betray you.

Konayachi Han

Illustrator, Designer.