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Common Net

Common Net

Gianluca Santoro
December 22, 2016

Common Net is a network of companies which provides community-driven solutions for the Internet access and the digitalization of the territory. The briefing showed the need to create a cool logo and young, aiming to express the fundamental concepts of sharing and network. Their slogan is "Internet as a common".

I was focused on two shapes: the circle and hexagon. Therefore I decided to join them by rounding the hex to lead to the concept of sharing immediately. Moreover, during the first meeting with Common Net, they showed me the modem prototype, which had a cube-shaped. So I decided to give tridimensionality to the logo, replacing the letter "N" on a face of the cube.

As usual I started with a brainstorming session. So I focused on 4-5 words and I drew on my Moleskine a lot of sketches, only to find a form or a theme coherent with brainstorming. I selected five of this and I started to project with Adobe Illustrator adding typography and colors. Then I presented to client after one month of working. Later I projected the stationery and the other branding items.

I published the project on Behance and people respond positively. I received several appreciations especially for the cleanliness of my style and for the modem packaging. People really liked that I also published the brand guidelines inside the presentation, something not very common in the branding project presentations.

Gianluca Santoro

Gianluca Santoro, Italian designer based in Rome.
My main activities involve brand strategy, brand and corporate identity system, and packaging design. My aim is to create a clear and functional identity, with a strong and focused concept, allowing my clients to be involved in the creative process, in order to better communicate the values of their brand or company.
I studied Graphic Design at International School of Comics, where I graduated in 2016. During my academic experience, I attended additional courses such as visual perception, photography and creative process. Moreover, I attended an intensive specialization course in Brand Design.
After working from 2014 to 2016 for two marketing and advertising agency as a graphic designer, in 2017 I started my own business as a Brand Designer freelancer.
I believe that a crucial factor in this industry is to be always updated, this is why part of my daily task include reading books and attending live and online classes related to branding, typography, and others design fields.
Travelling and discovering new places is something I love, but walking down my city remains my greatest source of inspiration. Craft beer addicted.

"There is no design without discipline. There is no discipline without intelligence."
Massimo Vignelli

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