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Conchita Vega

Conchita Vega

Félix Patete
January 22, 2018
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Is a lifestyle brand that offers leather handbags and accessories that are accessible to every day Venezuelan without any compromise in style. The naming for the brand is based on an artistic fictional character that embodies femininity and passion for handmade quality goods.

My role was to analyze the styles and designs from the designer and ideas and translate not only to go into visual design, but also represent the meaning and voice of the designer in the social media collaterals in a more substantial way. The color ideas came from the designer's favorite color samples of leathers.

From sketches to develop 3 different style proposals both using Illustrator and then photoshop for the showcase, each one with unique color palettes and personality in the collaterals.

Once the client chooses a style to move from, we developed the social media guidelines that I build like templates in Photoshop. I also took a unusual job of developing the own store interior redesign.

By creating a fictional character for the tone of voice, we made the brand easier to relate and the feedback so far has been wonderful. I learned so much that what makes a great is more than the visual aspect but the way it interacts with their clients.

Great projects come from true and honest collaboration, understanding the value of getting to know a new person and help establish their dreams.

Félix Patete

Graphic Designer born and raised in Venezuela specializing in branding for Food, Fashion and Wellness business. Building thoughtful brand authenticity using intuition and self critique for outstanding quality and awareness.

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