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Concrete Understanding

Concrete Understanding

Juan Proaño
January 24, 2018
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This project, based on Tadao Ando's - Azuma Row house, focuses on the study of the behavior of concrete subjected to different types and intensities of lighting. It represents the exact moment in which the industry began to demand better quality. It was an old practice that went out of control and I ended up falling in love with architectural visualization.

I was searching improve my skills, looking images, references and I was impressed with the design of this house, I started looking for people who had already practiced with the scene and I found Jay Patel, I wrote to him and told him that he wanted to do a practice based on his work and he agreed. It was a great challenge for me at that time to reach quality. I would like to redo this project one of these days and look at the result of so much effort!

I try to work directly in 3Ds max since the model, I start with the walls and steps, that gives me a better idea of the space, then I start with the cameras and lightning setup. For this one I try to use only HDRI technique so I need to setup the physical properties of my cameras. Once I'm happy with the lighting, start the magic of shading (my favorite part), all the materials in this scene are blend type and to render I use Corona, the interactive mode helps a lot to the process. For the final color correction use Photoshop.

I think that people react favorably to the project because it is visually attractive, it is easy to understand, it transports you to a place and tells you a story. I can not describe everything I learned with this practice, it became a milestone in my portfolio and now my students practice with this scene.

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Juan Proaño

My training as an artist began in 2007, at that time the digital arts career began in my country, Ecuador. Younger than I am now, with less experience and more hair in my head ... I had nothing very clear, except that I wanted to do 3D.

I started as a 3D modeler in low budget projects, several hours sitting on the PC and not so much money in my pocket. After a couple of years my first architectural project "Nancabez" came to my hands. Due to the meetings of this project I began to meet young architects, who were interested in my service as a visualizer. All this forced me to improve my skills and continue learning.

After a short time, collective artists in Europe put their eyes on my work and asked me for help. I also started working for architecture firms in Canada, USA and England.

And here I am ... working hard and waiting for more!

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