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Arsalan ghadimi
March 8, 2018

confet chair with separate cushion provides flexibility in terms of changing the fabric or texture of cushion into any color or design pattern to suit or create different theme when it being applied in different interior space. With this conventional shape, it strongly expresses its own identity and beauty yet reflects the inspiration behind the design as well.
Research was mainly focused on shape, material and color selection, manufacturing technical concern. After several researches and exploring, here the ‘confet’ chair was born.The main challenge was to create something new and modern form that impressive enough to draw people's attention. Material selection was also another challenge during design development process which in order to achieve the desirable design.

confet chair was created to colorful and wonderful. By using the vibrant color of fabric to match with clear transparent acrylic, and also with the unique shape, the chair presents a unique, impressive and minimal style.chair is made of acrylic by molding process with upholster cushion comes with high density foam internal and aluminium for leg.

I started with a base observation and then tried to find ideas using sketches. Later on after refinement I started to build a 3D in solidworks and rendering in keyshot and editing to photoshop.The project started in May 2017 in Tehran and finished in July 2017.

The people's reaction to the design was very interesting and uninterested in the home space. To prepare this chair, it's clear that designers can design, but have a happy colorful shape and colors, in any environment to attract the audience and customer.

confet chair with round padded seat and ergonomic design provides an excellent seating comfort. It allows easy transfer and carry. With its unique shape and colorful finish, it provides a sense of playfulness to the space.

arsalan ghadimi

Born 1989 Tehran, Iran. I have a degree in Software Engineering, BS in Industrial Design.

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