The main concept of this project was to create a simplified urban structure for experiments with lighting and reflections. As the results were satisfying I tried to find a unique way to use this geometry for creating a series of high-quality illustrations.

I came up with this project after pretty long break from isocities that I used to do. I aimed at cold futuristic mood that I wanted to mix with circuit board structure. Glass material made it easy for me to compile an interesting arrangement of detail in space.

This project was modeled in Blender, then rendered in Keyshot. At the begininng I have started modeling simple shapes of buildings. Then I began adding details to the small part of the structure. After I designed the whole space, I spent some time on testing the render settings.

I was delighted to see the positive reactions on Behance and other social media. It will even appear in 3D Artist issue 107 in the Reader’s Gallery. It really motivates me to create new projects and experiment with new ideas.

Tomasz Bolek

I’m a 23 years old Polish artist, currently studying Animation Films and Film Special Effects at Lodz Film School.