Contemporary flat in Canada

Work on the project was originally conceived for himself. When working in the field took 5 days to determine the advantages and disadvantages of materials. In my opinion it turned out quite succinctly, calm and at the same time quite nicely.

First of all I would like to get into the final image interior in which to live and I would like to be. Hence the desire to do everything for themselves.
Upholstery of upholstered furniture, in combination with metal, glass and decor turned in my opinion very well. On the one hand, nothing stands out, on the other – all pretty good at playing with each other.

Initially, I tried to find examples of the type of performance of the interior with soothing colors, and then it was decided to try to use the materials and colors in the interior.
As a result, with only a rough layout and placement of furniture, I first began to collect all in 3Ds Max 2016 … Well, in the end, through a large number of tests with Corona render came to the result that you can appreciate.
Eventually after receiving pictures from 3ds Max I used to bring to mind the contrast and saturation of certain parts of the image

They react quite nice comments, which can not but rejoice. Ask questions about the cost of performing this kind of work.
With the publication of the project on various resources found so many positive wishes, which stimulates and continue to do their work exclusively getting better and better.

We are pleased to work on interesting projects. Therefore, if you are interested – please contact us. We always find a common language in mutual cooperation.

Igor Kovalsky

My name is Kovalsky Igor. 30 years.
I’m Freelance 3D-Artist from Odessa, Ukraine.
Open for any opportunities