Contemporary Private Villa in New Cairo by Nada Elhadedy

Nada Elhadedy’s project is a contemporary twin villas in new Cairo Egypt. The design was meant to separate each villa’s entrance in a unique way that they still merge both of the villas in a coherent frame, making them look like one villa. This design started as a brain storming idea for the owner to open up to new styles and fortunately it got approved.

I choose this design because the owner wanted to have a new classic villa, yet all the villas near his was already very modern. So I came up with this design as I was brainstorming for him to open up to a new, modern – more contemporary ideas and to provide him with a look outside the box and since the design was quite complicated. I wanted to keep it simple and use light color – mainly white and used the wooden cladding to give the villa a warm residential look.

-Nada Elhadedy

I started with a freehand sketch and started with two opposite sketches – one was a Mediterranean (as the owner requested) and the other was modern, it was an earlier version for the final product. Then I used Photoshop to present both ideas and when the owner started getting curious to see more of the modern sketch , I used 3-d max to present him with a more realistic view for what the villa will look like and it got approved .

-Nada Elhadedy

The owner was successfully oriented about the modern style and it was a huge success – most of the people thought it was too much and most of the comment was “less is more” but that particular design didn’t meant to be less or more it meant to present the owner into new style but I got so many comments and feedback that they were inspired by the idea. To me, good design is not the perfect, it’s the one that makes people think differently and open their mind to new perspectives .
-Nada Elhadedy

About Nada Elhadedy

Nada Elhadedy is a 26-year-old architecture designer. Graduated in 2011, she started working as a site engineer since a lot of architecture firms thought she was too young to be a designer so a site engineer was the only available job for her after graduation. To keep in touch with architecture she signed up for Pre Master studies at Cairo university.  After a year, she finally got a job as architecture designer and been designing ever since. Now she’s a senior architectural designer in a firm in Cairo and also have her own private business with her partner Rana El Hadedy hoping some day they will have their own architecture trend.