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Conveying a deep commitment to sustainability

Conveying a deep commitment to sustainability

Julie Gaathaug
September 3, 2019
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Grieg Seafood is one of the world’s leading fish farming companies, specialising in Atlantic Salmon. Sustainability is integral to their business model. Grieg Seafood places great emphasis on understanding the oceans and works closely with local communities to ensure the waters are safeguarded to produce healthy fish for generations to come. This was to be the foundation for our approach for this year’s annual report.

“Rooted in Nature” became the theme, which took a stronger direction to integrated reporting by demonstrating how a sustainable approach to farming goes hand in hand with good profit. This is reflected in a natural approach to photography, depicting the beauty of the raw product and seascapes where Grieg operates. Testimonials by the people at the heart of the operation was balanced with in-depth operational data to provide investors with a clear statement of Grieg’s deep commitment to sustainability.

Adobe Creative Suite was used to create this report. InDesign was the primary tool, but we also used Photoshop to create an overall style for the pictures. We tweaked them to portray a more natural and soft feeling, and to make sure they all looked coherent.

The report has become a valuable tool to educate all stakeholders about Grieg’s performance, principles and approach to business at sea. Employees working around the world feel included, informed and motivated by the strong ethics, which Grieg Seafood operates by.

Renete Kaarvik, Global Finance Officer at Grieg Seafood says this about the report: “The annual report is an important tool to show how good sustainability is positive for the bottom line too. Mission helped us uncover our story, and to communicate it in a captivating and authentic way.”

Julie Gaathaug

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