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Abdullah alallah
May 18, 2019
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I tried to simulate the life of a small apartment complex with the emphasizing on a single apartment, trying a different approach to the regular apartment complex by adding vegetation to the roof/yard and also to test and improve on my skills in all of Sketchup Pro and 3DsMax and Corona, and creating 70-80% of the materials myself instead of depending on presets, to experiment more with the huge amounts of options in Corona Render engine

Got the idea from a Pinterest post that shown a yard surrounded by multi-leveled apartments so I tried to see what I can do to add my touch to that. the materials and the mood was more of an industrial to modern kind of feel. with a lot of WIPs, I really took my time with this model to find the right mood that I wanted to go for. on and off about color scheme and color moods and also models and views. and as always there's always room for improvements but I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out to be.

Using the modeling in Sketchup Pro and rendering and Planting and also texturing in 3DsMax and Corona 3 with models from 3Dwarehouse and MaxTree and Some (Model+Model) Models and post-production on Luminar and Photoshop. The Process is usually familiar with Fellow 3D artists, I started with the base file in SketchUp and kept adding details and modifications to the model to be more (Render Ready) and after finding the perfect set of models of furniture I went ahead with the export to 3Dsmax and that's where I started lighting and texturing the file. I kept experimenting with both CoronaSun and VrayHDRI to light up the scene since I wasnt really sure on how I wanted to light up my scene yet. and settled with CoronaSky as a lighting Map and Edit the sky in Post to change it. the MaxTree planting was also a challenge since I tried to scatter the planting but not block the lighting or change how the mental image of the scene was in my head.

it took a lot of back and forth with some of my colleagues on a discord server with improvements on this scene. shown are some of my WIPs through the processes of choosing the right feel and mood, and as the improvements went me and my colleagues both added and took off different things off the scene, and as a result to that the scene looks way better than it initially started as. and as a general tip always take criticism to build upon instead of taking it personally.

I'd tell my readers to always try and be satisfied with your work no matter how much of a perfectionist you are, just try and always seek the best time/ budget option for your client

abdullah alallah

a landscape architect that is really interested in 3D art since I use it in my architectural renders, I'm Usually playing around in freelancing in architectural vis/ architectural and landscape design and product designing and rendering, Check my Instagram for more up to date updates and also preferable contact.

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