Corporate Manual – RMD Energy

Corporate branding for new renewable energy company based in Roatan, Honduras. The corporate manual revolves around the previously designed logo squeezing the best out of it to create the brand’s personality and look. Clean, modern and joyous could be the adjectives to describe this project.

The logo was already designed and used by the company therefore I had to revolve around it when it came to doing this project. I love blending images, vectors and color, so that made me come up with the idea of this project’s design. The color was chosen accordingly to the company’s “birth origin” , which is in the Caribbean.

I worked with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign! It was a long process, it started out as a brochure I was designing and saw the potential of the design and how well it could go as the company’s branding. It was basically trial and error until I felt satisfied enough to have ended it.

The staff I work with loved it, I still haven’t gotten many responses on my portfolio site, but I feel happy. I learned about myself actually, to go with my instinct and gut and not fight it, that it’s ok to take your time and feel satisfied with a project.

Hope you like it 😀

Alejandro Amaya

Graphic designer and visual artist based in Roatan, Honduras. Sushi, cats, beans, minimalism, conceptualism, zombies & aliens, believer of the existence of a higher state of consciousness, 4:20 always, fashion, doodles and universe!