Costauds Costauds Brand Identity by Marta Veludo

Costauds Costauds art set is a collaborative effort of the owner and our featured artist. Marta developed the brief provided by Costauds Costauds on their latest collection. There is a fusion of punk, masculine touch and elegance in this set. Read on and appreciate! Enjoy!

This project is for a sports fashion brand called Costauds Costauds. They asked to develop their identity and promo material for their new collection.

– Marta Veludo



The project took me two months to complete. The idea was a development of a brief by the client. Then the modular identity, the roughness and the man but funny world, just grew together. With a good and natural feedback and ping-pong from the client.

– Marta Veludo




I used color pens to make the texture of their icon (the ball), scanned them and worked it digitally. The remaining graphic elements were made digitally, Illustrator and Photoshop and Indesign.

– Marta Veludo



My advise to aspiring artists is to be passionate for what you do, have fun and enjoy it!

– Marta Veludo


Marta Veludo is currently working in Amsterdam. Inspired by the pop-culture, folk art, pound shops and Tumblr, fascinated by inventions, colour, movement and compositions. She designs; conceptualizes for both cultural and commercial fields. Whether in the digital realm or on a three-dimensional scale, she combines different disciplines and mediums to build engaging experiences.

Check out more of her artworks on Behance and her website.