If you love lettering, branding and the world of hairdressing, this course is for you. We will begin with exercises that help you give direction to lettering by baselines, we will see vectorization tips, and finally we will decorate the lettering with illustrations and ornamentation creating a strong and original composition

To begin the project, the first thing I do is to know the customer’s needs, after that, we do an investigation and select some visual references, such as: color, typography, composition and decoration.
The next step is to make the sketch, correct proportions and vectorize, finally, we do the branding.

Los software que utilizo, es ilustrator and photoshop
In photoshop, I correct the proportions of lettering, add or remove details, and make the final sketch.
In ilustrator we make the drawing, of the lettering, we give volume and we do the decoration.

The people are very creative, they all have a different style, and that enriches the work, each person has a strength. Experimentation is the best way to generate your own style, see references and learn, never copy, always do something of your own, it does not matter that a principle is not so good, with practice you will achieve quality.

The best way to do lettering, is to practice and practice, always carry a notebook and a pencil.

Zure Linares

My name is Zure, I am Senior graphic designer, I love illustration, lettering and branding