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Cover Art for Save Us Records #1 by Ivan Blažetić Šumski

Cover Art for Save Us Records #1 by Ivan Blažetić Šumski

Honey Adraque
August 19, 2015
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Save Us Records is a Berlin based music label. Their music is deep, eclectic and emotional. There are many stories intervened in every visual. Every illustration is a story for itself, inspired with the title of the realise and the ambience of the music. Let us take a look and be inspired by these designs. Enjoy!

It's called Cover Art for Save Us Records #1 because it's about cover art for musical releases, and the number #1 means that there will be more artworks in this collaboration.

- Ivan Blažetić Šumski

Save Us Covers - Šumski illustration

Save Us Covers - Šumski illustration 2

Music was always one of my passions so merging visual language with the music is quiet inspirational and natural to me. I can say that music was the main inspiration in making the visuals, but not only music, there is a lot of inspiration in freedom of expressing my own stories of how I feel and understand the universe.

- Ivan Blažetić Šumski

1. Empty - Save Us 6 - Šumski illustration

2. Morpho - Save Us 7 - Šumski illustration

I got ideas from the universe and all of its miracles. It was a challenge to make the concept of the visuals based on a title, but that part was really interesting for me, it's like getting a new story or a book for illustrating. Also, there was no revisions after artwork was finalized.

- Ivan Blažetić Šumski

3. Kafka - Save us 8 - Šumski illustration

5. Above Humans - Save Us 10 - Šumski illustration

4. Boorka - Save Us 9 - Šumski illustration

About Ivan Blazetic

Ivan Blazetic is a Croatian based artist, working under the name of ŠUMSKI (Sylvan, of the forest). Mostly, he is acting in the media of illustration, which are actually stories imbued with eternal inspiration and peace which he finds in his inner landscapes. His modes of expression are both digital and traditional, versatile and unconventional. He graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rijeka, department of sculpture. And currently working as a tehnician at the Puppet Theatre. Also, he is enjoying in making Street art where his works can communicate with various profiles of passers. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile.

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