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COVID19 Wanted Assets

COVID19 Wanted Assets

Filipe SJ
March 30, 2020
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The idea was to illustrate the sudden "running to buy toilet paper and other assets" situation. But above all, I wanted to do it in a funny way once we should always look for a brighter side even if we're talking about a messed up pandemic.
So, why not mix the well known 'Wanted western poster' style with the items that vanished from our supermarkets?! That's what I've done. Just for fun.

The idea came up in a very natural way, actually.
When the internet was fulfilled with the "toilet paper vanished" issue i started to think in multiple ways to enter in this "content movement" so I almost immediately made the bridge between these wanted assets and the old western "wanted" posters.
after made some test and send it to a few friends the reactions were all lots of laughing so it was decided.

First I searched old western fonts and selected a few. Than and after some type tests I selected the one I liked the most.
I've used Adobe Illustrator for choosing and editing the type "wanted" and then, for the final composition, I've used Photoshop.
In Photoshop I mixed the image with the type and made all the final posters.

Very good actually! People in general like to see a brighter side in every bad situation even if we're talking about a messed up pandemic. That's why all the feedback is from someone that felt thankful for laughing when all the news you see on the media is about metrics of deaths or sick persons.

Filipe SJ

I'm a 24-year-old organization freak who claims to be a Designer.

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