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Cozinha Azul Petróleo | Blue Petroleum Kitchen

Cozinha Azul Petróleo | Blue Petroleum Kitchen

Yuri Migliorim
May 15, 2018
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The blue Petroleum kitchen is situated in an apartment of 38.62m² in the city of Santa Maria-RS, Brazil. It is a compact and functional kitchen integrated to both the service and the leisure area. With a predominant and strong color, it gains prominence in a neutral environment.

The choice of materials according to the customer`s requirement – a 28 year -old man who lives alone. He chose BLUE as the main color.

So blue Petroleum was chosen because it was a strong color that reflected the personality of the customer. It was used in the drawers and furniture doors to harmonize with the dark wood tone and to contrast with the light stone of the sink and dining table.

The woody porcelain tile "Ecowood 2.0 - Portobello Shop" was chosen for the of floor covering and part of the wall, in a lighter shade of color so as not to darken the kitchen. It contributed to have a pleasant and cozy environment and to integrate the leisure to the service area as well.

Another porcelain tile used was the "Ampla Design - Portobello Shop", with geometric shapes and varied colors. It united all the tones present in the kitchen, leaving everything in tune harmony.

The chairs chosen are in classic style - DKR Chair (Eames DSR) - but with metal legs and transparent seat, in order to permit the view of the details of the dining table. Finally, the old refrigerator of the customer was reused in the project. It passed through a gray envelopment work which both modernized the household appliance and minimized its presence in the environment.


The process begins with some sketches and hand-drawn drawings of the scene, so that one can more clearly visualize the ideas so far. After this process we move from paper to Google SketchUp that will be used to make the entire 3D model of the kitchen such as doors, windows, walls and furniture.

The 3Ds max is used to add all the objects, textures and lighting done in the scene so that 3D has the best possible result.

After this procedure we use Vray to render the 3D model, making the image look more realistic. In the final stage we use Photoshop as a post-production for some corrections of lights, shadows and reflections helping to give a better finish to the visual representation that we got.

The client loved the outcome of the project, the progress of the ideas, the way in which the necessary changes were made and especially the way the proposals were presented.

The whole YUMA Arquitetura team was very happy with the result of this project,especially by the large number of followers who enjoyed, commented and shared it positively. It is very good to receive this affection from people, because in this way we can see that we are moving in the right direction and that all the effort and dedication employed in the works are generating very positive results.


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