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Cozinha do Pedrão

Cozinha do Pedrão

Gabriel Rossi Coutinho
June 10, 2022
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Cozinha do Pedrão is a homemade, intimate, familiar brand. Pedro is a man who came from Minas Gerais and who loves to cook, but he didn't want to cling to Minas Gerais stereotypes.
He came to my class at the Olímpiadas do Conhecimento wanting a brand that was up-to-date, homemade and that was far away from these stereotypes.

The colors were taken straight from the elements that Pedro worked on, wheat, bread and chocolate. They are designed to remind consumers directly of breads, cakes and sweets, but the biggest inspiration came from the traditional bakering branding.

Adobe Illustrator

Everybody loved it, because this was exactly what he needs. I learned a lot about food and bakery branding.

Gabriel Rossi Coutinho

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