Everyone wants a beautiful and comfortable kitchen to cook for their loved ones, but what makes a good kitchen? Modern, clean and bright are some details we apreciate the most. Thinking about the ‘chefs’ out there we made the redesign of the brand Cozitraços – Portuguese kitchen and furniture company.

Cozitraços means ‘kitchen’ and ‘lines’. Following its true meaning, the new logo was made with 4 strong lines representing the company’s four categories (kitchen, closet, door and wc) and steps to get it. Strengh lines are the visual design to represent this brand. Keeping the same concept was selected 4 blue colors to get the idea of a perfect kitchen: modern and clean. Icons were also made to give life to this brand telling their storie. Website has been improved showing the quality of the products and putting right the hierarchy of elements. Now you can see your perfect kitchen and get it easily by a click. Desktop, tablet or smartphone.

For this project I used different software to create the mockup and presentation. For example the branding, stationary, icons, website (responsive – desktop and mobile) and presentation were all created in Illustrator. The images you see in the presentation were build/ utilized in Photoshop.

People have said all the beautiful things about the design and presentation of this work.
Cozitraços project is only available on Behance so I don’t have much feedback.
This way, I was hoping to know what you think about this work to grow as a Designer and learn more about what I love to do the most – Design.

Sara Marques

Hello! My name is Sara Marques and I’m looking for a challenge to keep me growing as a Web Designer and also a Front-End Developer. With more than two years designing and developing responsive websites and mobile advertising for multinational companies gave me the opportunity to explore my versatility, commitment and graphic design abilities on a digital world. Feel free to contact me to an innovative project or just say ‘Hello’ back.