Cozy Loft Rooms

Cozy loft rooms
design & visualization project
Function: Private rooms Area: 32,8 m² Year: 2017 Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
The main point was to create curious and functional relax space for it`s owners.
The design is simple and minimal and complements rather than fights with the existing style of the flat.

Cozy loft living place for young couple in the two small rooms (bedroom&living room)
in a pleasant color scheme with touch of loft motifs. Brick and the metal elements show us the real stylistics of the loft.
The natural wood and the colours are so inviting and warm. The minimalistic décor and the colour palette work in harmony to create a serene space that anyone would be happy to unwind and relax in.

Firstly, I listened all the wishes of owners and analyzed specifics of these rooms and make some sketches.
Nextly, I started realized my ideas in the 3d with Autodesk 3d max. Then for the rendering I used Corona renderer.
And last point was correction visualizations with Photoshop.

Owners were really satisfied, how in these rooms placed everything what they need! And they received their beloved loft interior
in another soft interpretation. Also they liked customised storage wich will help them maximise loft space without feeling cluttered. And I was inspired to design a loft bedroom space that consisted of layers of textures while combining these with a variation of palette colours.

Project completed easily cause we were all on the same wavelength!

Joanna Yatsiv

I’m an artist / 3d visualization/graphic designer, currently based in Lviv.
Working with interior design projects , creating 3d interiors , making visualizations , also creating diffrent graphic works. In my work i love to combine diffrent textures with fresh colors and current ideas)