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Craigslist Redesign by Roman Trilo

Craigslist Redesign by Roman Trilo

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August 8, 2015
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As we all know, Craigslist is a classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, for sale, services, forums and a whole lot more. It has been an iconic site and a lot of people use it everyday. Graphic Designer, Roman Trilo finds it pitiful that the site looks like there has  been no progress made in the UX since 90s. Roman is afraid that this awesome platform might be extinct like dinosaurs while it could be one of the most convenient private ad platform.




First of all, I wanted to get rid of all the distractions, make clear navigation and, of course, reduce the time needed to reach the users goal. At the moment, the main navigation instrument is categorisation, which is not the best tool, especially in comparison to modern searching engines. That is why, search field plays a major role in my redesign.

Categories are still available, because they are useful in some cases and their absence may cause discomfort for existing users, but now they play a secondary role.
-Roman Trilo

Roman Trilo

Roman Trilo

Carigslist Redesign

As for style and inspiration, it was one year ago, flat design had a strong position, but material design was not such popular, but I really liked the idea to add some relief with shadows. A lot of ideas and ux-inspiration I found analysing big e-commerce projects. So, if you decide to make a redesign concept, you’d better take a project that needs functional improvements, where you could propose significant changes, which could make usability better, not just restyling.

In this way, you will receive good practice, level up your skills and show to your potential customers that you could help to reach the goal, not just create a nice picture.
-Roman Trilo



Let’s make web a better place! :)
-Roman Trilo

About Roman Trilo

Roman Trilo is a digital designer based in Kyiv, Ukraine. He's passionate about minimalist art of 1950s-60s and possibilities of new media. Roman loves improving interfaces by adding meaningful transitions and smart interactions - creating positive user experience. In each and every project, he strives to become better and it is crucially important for him to create innovative design, thereby making the web a better place. See more of his work at Behance or his website.

One comment on “Craigslist Redesign by Roman Trilo”

  1. This is a well executed project. The only thing you have not catered for is quick browsing access to subcategories. You have rightly opted for Search as the primary action. User are able to go directly to a specific ads immediately from Homepage through Search. As a UX design lead I love you affrodances from homepage right across the site. Good job

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